Saturday, December 15, 2012

Zoya Nail Polish Review: Aurora, Blaze, Storm, & Rekha

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Today I have some photos of new (to me) Zoya nail polishes to share!  I'm not normally a nail polish gal, but these colors are so pretty!  Aurora, Blaze, and Storm all contain holographic glitter, while Rekha is the only cream finish I picked up.  Here they are in all their glory: (2 coats each in swatches)
Indirect Sunlight: Aurora, Blaze, Storm, Rekha (L to R)

Indirect Sunlight: Aurora, Blaze, Storm, Rekha
Direct Sunlight: Aurora, Blaze, Storm, Rekha
Direct Sunlight: Aurora, Blaze, Storm
Aurora: Mid-tone amethyst; the holographic glitter shows best in this shade. The base color is sheer and uneven with one coat, but with two it looks very good. (This one is my fave.)

Blaze: Pinky red magenta with holo glitter; the glitter does not show as well for some reason.  Again, one coat looks uneven and sheer, but with two the color really comes together.

Storm: Black with holo glitter; the glitter shows well, but it is gray with one coat, becoming black at two coats.  (This one is like wearing the galaxy on your nails!)

Rekha: True red; cream finish, opaque coverage in one coat! I did two just because that's what all the other polishes required.  I'm very impressed with this formula.  If you're on the hunt for a classic red, this is it!

I've been wearing Aurora on my nails all week with no chipping or fading!  I really quite like the Zoya nail polish formula and they're not too expensive.  I bought mine for $8 each.  Also, all Zoya nail polishes are "three free" which I really appreciate.

Side note:  I've also found the Zoya nail polish remover to be quite effective without drying out my nails!

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