Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silk Naturals Party Girl & Nice Nudes Wardrobe for Lips: Review & Swatches


Silk Naturals is currently offering some lip palettes and I couldn't decide which one to get...so I grabbed one of each!  I love me some lip products, but I have to be quite picky about the ingredients nowadays so it can be pretty frustrating.  I like lip products to be hydrating; it's pretty much a requirement as I'm addicted to lip balm.  I've been trying out the colors this week and they are all comfortable to wear and don't accentuate dryness or imperfections.  Some are more sheer than others, but I find all of them to be flattering on.  I also love variety so these palettes are a perfect fit!

There were some freebies in my box too! Creshendo was the expected gift with purchase from when I ordered (I think it changes every week); baggies of Storm Cloud and Retro were a nice surprise. 

On to the photos!

Sorry for the flash, but the colors are more true here.

Gift with Purchase

Nice surprises!

Creshendo, Retro, Storm Cloud

Creshendo, Retro, Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud


Each palette comes with a good-sized lip brush.

Please excuse my winter cuticles...

Party Girl Wardrobe for Lips

Nice Nudes Wardrobe for Lips

All of these photos were taken in a mixture of indirect sunlight and incandescent light; some in direct sunlight if it happened to come out on this rainy day.  I tried to do lip swatches, but the lighting was too horrible.  I will try to post lip swatches, if the sun ever comes out.  I used the enclosed lip brush and found it quite useful.  Here are my thoughts on each of the colors:

Party Girl:
Incite: warm bright orange-red, somewhat sheer, cream finish - no shimmer or sparkle. Over my natural lip color it became more red.
Crazy Love: magenta with shimmery finish, a tad lighter than my natural lip color this one brightened and was overall quite flattering for my skin tone.
Seedy: Very sheer deep burgundy/Merlot, cream finish - no shimmer or sparkle. I was at first disappointed at how sheer this one was, but it turns out to be very lovely once applied to lips.
Atomic: deep cool red that becomes purple undertones on me, semi-sheer, cream finish. This is a perfect "my lips but better" color for me.
Showstopper: cool bright red-magenta, cream finish, most opaque of this palette. Cool version of Incite. Like Crazy Love, except more red and no shimmer. This is a pretty "out-going" lip color for me.

Nice Nudes:
Nice Tan: Creamy caramel nude - no shimmer or sparkle. Mutes my natural lip color nicely without making me look undead.  Neutral undertones.
Maiden: Similar to Nice Tan, but with pinky/peach undertones. I personally don't see any shimmer in this shade.
Centerfold: Creamy brown nude. I did not find this one to be matte, but slightly less glossy than the others. This is my favorite nude as it is a bit deeper and mutes quite pigmented lips.
Desire: warm brown with coppery shimmer, semi-opaque. I think this would look fantastic on someone with a deeper or warmer skin tone than me.
Bon Bon: Deep neutral brown with slight shimmer, somewhat sheer. I actually like this one on as well.

Overall, I quite like the formula: creamy and fairly hydrating, slightly sweet tasting, but no discernible smell. I get about 2-3 hours of wear, if I'm not eating; the darker ones last longer on me.  The enclosed lip brush is actually useful as well.  What I'm really excited about is sharing these with friends when I do their makeup and these palettes are a welcome addition to my arsenal. I really hope that these become regular items as it's also a great way to try out a bunch of lippies at once!

They are $11.99 each and available from Silk Naturals' website:

(FYI - This post isn't sponsored; I just like to share my opinions!)


  1. Those nudes look nice-- I've never heard of this brand, thank you for sharing!

    1. No problemo, I love finding new brands as well! I've only recently discovered Silk Naturals and I'm really liking the foundation and lip products. :)


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