Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So I've decided to change some things in my life:

1.   I'm going to get 12 inches trimmed from my hair and donate it to locks of love.  My grandpa passed away this year after being diagnosed with leukemia and I just feel the need to honor his memory in some small way.

2.   I'm not taking any classes this summer; I want to have time outside of work and school.

3.   I changed the title of the blog, along with what I want as contents.  Instead of mainstream cosmetics, I would rather blog about small companies that produce healthy products in an environmentally sustainable way.

4.   I need to get in shape and lose 19lb.  I've done it before so I'm not dreading this too much.  (Goodbye donuts!)

5.   My husband and I are going to take more hiking/camping trips.  I need more nature in my life.

6.   I want to purchase as many things locally as possible.  This isn't hard since the farmer's markets around here are wonderful; everything is almost always in season here as well.  The thrift shops and local stores here are quite nice as well.

These are changes that have been months in the making; I didn't choose all of this overnight.  I just want to live a more simple life.  And preserve the earth left for future generations.


  1. Very brave of you Emmy. I think that what you are doing is noble. I know I should be living simpler too but damn it is hard. So good for you for having the courage to take the first step. I am cheering for you all the way.

    1. Thank you so much Jacqueline, it is really hard I agree, but your encouragement will make it that much easier! :) It's definitely just a work in progress, but I'm just hoping that all the small changes add up. Oddly enough I'm most nervous about getting my hair cut short and really excited to review some local/natural brands! :)

  2. good luck with loose weight!:) I think you are strong and can do it!


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